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In 2010, a legendary Brazilian Keratin Treatment company was born. Sophia La Belle Corporation has built a legacy over the years in the salon industry that makes us stand the test of time and quality among our contemporaries all over the world. Everything great has a background story – Here’s ours…

We initially began as a wholesale Brazilian Keratin Treatment product company but quickly moved to retail with a salon when we opened our first located salon in Georgetown DC; shortly after we launched a second location in Vienna VA as well. To gain some ground, we started off with one line of Brazilian Keratin Treatment which recorded quite some commendable success. This spurred our decision to create two additional lines of Brazilian Keratin Treatment especially because we discovered that hairstyles and lifestyles differ a lot. While an active person in sports may sweat more than a person who sites behind a desk, or yet another person may want to color/highlight vs another client may have virgin hair, yet another client seeks protection and healthy hair against all the damages done by blow-drying/flat-iron, perm, relaxer or any other chemical services, another person may be pregnant, cancer recovery, or health conscious.
At Sophia La Belle, we are committed to ensuring that we provide the right product for all the varieties of personalities, lifestyle, and hair texture that visit our salons or use our products. We are sure you will be excited to discover why our reputable legacy precedes us. Since 2010, we’ve constantly evolved from manufacture, wholesale, providing Brazilian Keratin Treatment services in our salons to manufacture various after-treatment products that prolongs the treatments. Also, we have created the foremost antiaging Hair Botox Treatment that can fix, rejuvenating and make your hair healthy again. Our revolutionary product, Hair Botox, is available in 3 levels and over 20 plus different variations and have been made based on hair texture, lifestyle, desired goal, level of damage, hair condition and the diverse lifestyle of our various clients. What’s more remarkable? We have performed over 25,000 keratin treatments since our inception in 2010, and we’re still adding to this number so actively.

Basically, we can boldly confirm that we have no competitor. Sure, you’ll agree with us in a bit.

First, we are manufacturers; yes, you read that right… we are manufacturers of our products, and this has given us an edge to perfect our formulas for the various types of clients that patronize us. Our unique superior formula is second to none. You will know we are not bluffing when you discover that we have clients from Australia, Germany, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, China, Canada, Italy, and Ethiopia who come into town for businesses or when they are visiting their family members and by search they find us on the web. Some of our clients live in the U.S.A. but make it a point of duty to call in advance before they arrive to set up an appointment with us.

Our quality products rank number one in the market due to its durability and because it has the least amount of Formaldehyde. We import our fragrances from France, as originally formulated in Brazil, but trademarked and manufactured in our very own facility in the U.S.A. Unlike other brands, we do not buy mom and pop Brazilian Keratin Treatment or Hair Botox products to apply on the hair of our clients. Our own chemists manufacture our unique products which have been certified top-quality by industry standards and has won awards in numerous national trade shows across the globe. Also, we don’t have to refer you to anywhere; we have our own staff of trained stylists that will perform the Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Hair Botox Treatment perfectly to ensure it is done right and treatments look their very best for months to come. We are committed to giving our clients only the best results.

At Sophia La Belle Corporation, we’re dynamic because we also make hardware products such as fume extractor that can be used by other hair and nail salons and stylists. This shows that we also wish to promote safer and cleaner salon environment for our fellow stylists, salon and spa owners, and of course all clients around the world.

Our goal or mission is simple – to offer the best quality products and services at the most reasonable prices so much to ensure that our clients can always more value for their money while they feel comfortable getting their services done as often as they’d like.

We are not a jack of all trades, and we do not want to be. We believe that each client’s hair is an extension of our artwork and a representation of all we stand for; therefore, we ensure to make each client’s hair a masterpiece by creating the best product in the market and making it available only to selected few top salons.